Being True

Honouring the truth within you

Seven Peaceful Ways by Robert Butler

Seven Peaceful Ways

by Robert Butler

Inspired by the life and teachings of the Indian Sage, Sri Ramana Maharshi, this book presents a new practical philosophy for self-discovery called Peaceful Awareness.

At the heart of Peaceful Awareness are the Seven Peaceful Ways, which combine to form a spiritual path of non-resistance.

Together, the Seven Peaceful Ways will help you to rediscover the True Centre of Peace within you.

In this philosophy, you are encouraged to believe only what you can verify from your own experience or your own enquiry. There are no perfect figureheads to emulate, no ideals to live up to, and no requirement to believe anything that doesn’t ring true for you.

There are no gurus, masters, teachers, rules, commandments or dogma. You don’t need to overcome, fight or tackle anything, and you don’t need to become someone you are not already.